Streamline your internal operations and get a clear overview of who is doing what.
Transform your organisation
with HyperPortal.

Instead of buying subscriptions for a bunch of vertical applications, configure 1 horizontal application.
Centralise your data and business logic, save money and time!

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Create processes that send beautiful emails, respond to data changes, contact your legacy systems, and more.


Naturally and automatically adjust to fit any hardware you use. Use it on the road or in the office.


Combine our Workflows and CMS engine to develop your own custom applications, without ever needing to code a single line.

Continuous improvement

Easily design, deploy, and evaluate new ways of working to your workforce.

Track history

See a complete history per object and attribute. Thanks to user permission and control you can see who has changed what and when. 


Scalable regardless of the size and complexity of your business:
multi-language, -location (domain), -website, multi-brand,...

Expert support

We have an experienced team and knowledge base ready to help with your digital transformation efforts.

Third-party integrations

Pull and push data from multiple sources and manage everything in one single platform, your Hyperportal.


Transform complex workflows to easy task management

Describe complex business processes and repetitive workflows to simple task management. Stimulate collaboration, efficiency and analyze different types of projects and tasks to improve your current workflows. 

No code business process builder
Define current business processes with an
easy-to-use workflow builder. Trigger sending automated and consistent e-mails during a process. 
Automated workflow routing
Enjoy the power of automation. As department responsible you stimulate collaboration between colleagues over differents division by assigning tasks in your business processes to the right person.
Get insights and improve efficiency
Analyze your defined workflows and get insight into your business by measuring the impact of your processes and performance of your employees.

Start your work day
by opening your dashboard

In consultation with your department, tasks are defined in easy-to-execute workflows according to predetermined objectives. Your personal dashboard, predefined workflows and collaboration with other departments boost efficiency and satisfaction on the job. 

Your personal dashboard
Each HyperPortal user has its own dashboard with
a consolidated and detailed overview of current and completed tasks.
Start the right task at the right moment
Start a new process in order of given urgency and follow the assigned tasks. When a certain task is completed, the next step in the process will be distributed to the next division when defined on management level. 
Add notes or questions right away
Not sure about something when finishing a task? 
Address your colleagues or superior via built-in notes and avoid unnecessary e-mail communication.

"The great thing about these processes is that you can't skip anything. All the steps in a process are defined in advance. There is no possibility to skip a step. This gives you insight into where things go wrong, you can reassign tasks if someone is absent. Errors are minimised, processes can be optimised, everyone can do their work efficiently, which improves the working atmosphere. "

Thibault Jonnaert - The Truck Company


Data Centricity

The HyperPortal is used as central database between current and future software tools. Centralise and manage all your business information such as customers, stock, prospects, orders, etc. online and centrally.

Easily import, export or connect data
Import, export or connect your current tools to manage all you data such as customers, prospects, suppliers to employees.
Usergroups & permission control
Create groups such as e.g. sales or marketing and control or give access to specific functions and data in your HyperPortal domain over multiple locations.
Collect contact information automatically
Public webforms give you the possibility to collect information automatically from prospects, social or website visitors. With the GDPR Portal you give them insight in their personal information to comply with the privacy regulations of today.

Keep it personal and simple
with marketing automation

Connect with your target group at the right time and reduce manual effort with the public webform generator to gather information. 
Communication preferences
GDPR Compliancy
Customer Portal
Export Data
Approval & change request process
GDPR module

Privacy compliancy

Allow your customers to view and edit their personal information and communication preferences in full transparency and simplicity via the GDPR module

Communication preferences
GDPR Compliancy
Customer Portal
Export Data
Approval & change request process
Reporting & Analytics

Get in-depth insights
by using metrics or
the embedded BI solution

Set-up multiple filters which will count your data. Set criteria to filter those items in one click and get new insights.
E.g.: how many leads did I collect from my public webform?

Used to work with advanced Business Intelligence*? 

Create and publish interactive BI dashboards to analyze business processes and CMS objects. Get insights in business processes work performance or taken actions. 

*available from the pro plan

Flexible integrations

The HyperPortal is very flexible in communicating with your current and future software applications. Centralise your data and integrate easily with our digital software connector HyperAPI.
Open Hyper API 
Do you have specific HyperAPI requirements? Contact us!

Hyper App Center

The Hyper App Center gives you an overview of all the applications that can be connected to your HyperPortal

Curious for more information ? Don't hesitate to contact us!

Pricing Options

A transparent pricing plan to suit your business requirements
Basic plan
€ 290,-

For small to midsized teams starting their no code digital transformation
with automated e-mails and workflows

  • 5 GB
    tenant file storage included
  • 500
    e-mails per month
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Popular choice
PRO plan
€ 450,-

For professional teams looking for an integrated workflow to automate, measure and improve complex business processes

  • 15 GB
    tenant file storage included
  • 1.000
    e-mails per month
  • *3
    custom domains included
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Enterprise plan

starting at

€ 2.500,-

For bigger companies seeking for high-level business process automation and growth based on advanced analytics

  • 50 GB
    tenant file storage included
  • 5.000
    e-mails per month
  • *10
    custom domains included
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